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Business Development & CRM

In one of our flagship assignments, our director led an expert team that was called upon to rethink a business development model of a public/private sector project with dwindling results and slowed product adoption. He re-engineered project’s business development model to plug the brand into new partner circles that were previously untapped. This innovative re-think, re-alignment and follow through led to a 3000% growth in brand equity, highly impacting the product’s adoption rate.

What best characterises our unique approach to business development is our proven ability to identify synergies that aren’t distinctly visible to your organisation right away. Weighing how your organisation aligns with another even when it is not obvious or perceivable on the surface.

Another great example is our present assignment of facilitating a best practice skills transfer between a highly esteemed concierge service team from the Middle East/Europe’s affluent hotels and private banking managers in Southern Africa. An alignment that will yield an added advantage for the private banking team as they harness lessons from the concierge team’s refined expertise to better understand their elite private banking clients. Ultimately perfecting that “chocolate on the pillow” touch to their private banking offerings.
Our key business development expert input to organisations include:

  • Partnership development: engineering and facilitating collaborations of value.
  • New business line exploration: like-minded sustainable partner ecosystems to leverage.
  • Channel sales: configured relationships that yield high traffic quality referrals.
  • New product development: adoption rates modelling and needs analysis.