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Social Intelligence & SLP’s

Need a license to operate: reinventing decision-making across the organisational ecosystem.

The cornerstone of every successful business – deal Social Intelligence – is the capacity to effectively navigate and negotiate complex social relationships and environments. Reading the room with accuracy ahead of every presentation is a critical tool in the skill tool-kit and keen ability of every deal maker. The same becomes slightly more complex when reading a terrain ahead of launching a product or venturing into a new market segment or country. What works in one continent can trigger a disastrous result in another.

With the social media age at its most advanced stage, one thing is apparent to us: the most fundamental discovery of this era is the realisation that we are innately wired to connect. This benign reality has significantly altered the biology of leadership and continues to inform or misinform the organisation’s every decision. Be it policy development, strategy mapping, project planning, product development, partner alignment, merger/acquisition or campaign planning.

Organisations, at an internal level, have had to even re-think their workplace ergonomics and aesthetics in their revised space configurations, now that’s close-to-home, to attract suitable talent and maintain a productivity apex. Retailers constantly have to tunnel further into the mind of the shopper to rethink store layouts and optimal shelf-usage around this reality: social intelligence. Research firm have to rethink their survey methods.
Your organisation might fall into the above categories, or not. One thing is clear: organisations across industry terrains benefit immensely from inviting a pair of eyes to glance across their organisational models, launch strategies, internal systems and go-to-market strategies to apply a social fine-comb to pick even the slightest anomaly – so perceived by your target end-user – something that seem out of
place or “socially inappropriate”. Failure to acknowledge or revisit these elements might soon hamper
your growth or slow down your pace if left unchecked.

Key offerings:

  • Business Proposals and Business plans.
  • Socio-economic impact assessments.
  • Community Development Agreements.
  • Project Feasibility Studies.
  • Social Labour Plans.
  • Corporate Social Investment.
  • Community/Corporate Negotiations: multi-sectoral negotiations.
  • Product Customisation: cultural agility enriched analysis, review and alignment.