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Our Story

We are a husband and wife team that lead multi-disciplinary teams into terrains that often turn out to be beyond our wildest dreams. It takes bravery, great insight and tact. We are humbled and grateful for every support we receive from our team and the gratitude we get from our clients; after laying to rest what “kept them awake” for ages.

Drawing from our humble rural upbringing, audaciously entrepreneurial backgrounds, guided by an innate sense of community and family: we have come to appreciate the unique skills required to connect people, teams, entities and at times countries as we lead special envoys into boardrooms, embassies and yes at times holding meetings under the tree the old-school way to achieve results.

We have always believed in hiring the best, across the spectrum of expertise, yet one has to appreciate the simplicity of a back-to-the-basics relational work: if there is a conflict or a business prospect then people owe to connect. Someone has to spearhead that bridge-building undertaking: to allow messages and handshakes to be exchanged on that platform.

If it takes a business proposal, an apology from a corporate to the community, an act of humility by the community to the government or corporate, a feasibility study, the facilitation of a stakeholder engagement session, the spearheading of peace negotiations, the brokering of a stakeholder agreement, hosting a skills transfer and best practice exchange delegations, or perhaps the drafting of a community development agreement then we ascend to the role; availing our resources to bridge the communication gap across the trade ecosystem.

We think of ourselves not as development experts, although we wear those stripes, but rather as translators: we enable communication to take place, irrespective of the medium. As the saying goes: the weirdest thing about communication is the illusion that it is actually taking place, when it is not.

We look forward to representing your interests as you charter your organisation further into untapped possibilities.

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